Whiteshute Ridge Vandalism

whiteshute ridgre

As previously reported in 2020, unfortunately we have experienced a significant number of cases of vandalism on Whiteshute Ridge resulting in Winchester City Council having to spend a substantial amount of time and finances repairing numerous gates. 

This is both costly and an inconvenience that the council could do without and the police have been informed of the issues we are experiencing.

The gates have repeatedly been vandalised and broken and so WCC are keen to work with the community to ensure we keep this valuable area of open space safe and accessible for all users. 

If you are a regular user of the whole site and you are able to help WCC, we would greatly appreciate it if any damage or vandalism could be reported to WCC Principal Ecologist and Biodiversity Officer – Rick Smith at RSmith4@winchester.gov.uk

We will continue to manage the site for biodiversity, recreation and access and improve this area for all.