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Badger Farm Parish Council Photography Competition 2022

Girl Taking Photos

The theme is “Life in Badger Farm”. We are looking for photographs that show off the visual delights of the area and the life of its residents. Photos must be taken within Badger Farm.

The competition is open to all residents of Badger Farm and each entrant may enter up to three photographs. For details of how to enter and detailed terms and conditions please see:

We are offering the following prizes for the lucky winners, so get yet your cameras out when you are out and about and start snapping! (Please ensure that you are observing all relevant Covid rules and regulations.)   Entries close on 25th April 2022

First Prize: £100
Second Prize: £75
Third Prize: £50
Junior winner (under 16) £50

Please take a look at the Terms and Conditions before you enter the competition

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