Badger Farm is a suburb to the south of Winchester, Hampshire, England.

The parish is roughly triangular in shape, bordered by a steep slope down to Stanmore on the north-west side; Badger Farm Road, and then Olivers Battery lie to the south-west.

Along the southeastern boundary lies Whiteshute Lane, part of the Clarendon Way, an ancient track along which the body of William Rufus was brought back from the New Forest to Winchester in the year 1100; beyond the Lane lies open country and the remains of the old army camp at Bushfield.

The area was developed in the 1970s and 1980s and became a parish in 1985.

The development of Badger Farm was the subject of the revised Badger Farm Development brief, 1978, produced by Winchester City Council.

This laid down the standards for roads, open spaces and housing.

Before the development began, the Badger Farm development area was split between two parishes and two city wards.

According to the 2001 census Badger Farm had a population of 2,489.

The Parish Council has supported, supervised, and in some cases, financed the introduction of various items, including play equipment, bus shelters, bench seats, notice boards, rubbish bins, dog waste bins, missing footways and a Community Centre, which has been extended.

A food superstore was opened in 1986 in an area allocated by the brief for local shops, since when a petrol filling station has been opened and the store extended.

The store now includes a dispensing chemist.